Welcome to LA is for Dog Lovers!


Our goal is to help you have great relationship with your pet. You can’t always be there for your pet, that’s when our services can help you. We are here to help with daily dog walks, dog hikes, park trips, grooming & vet visits, pet taxi as well as pet sitting in your home including cat care. We are Insured and Bonded.


Why LA for Dog Lovers ?


You will get above and beyond ordinary pet care services. We are observing your dog so that they have a positive well being experience. That means they get guidance, praise & reinforcement when it comes to behavioral issues and charms. If you request socializing, we will report about their behaviors and help you energize your relationship with you and your pet and with others! Every service comes with a brief text or email with a photo so you can vicariously join us on our outings.


How do we relate to your pet?


We take the time to connect with your dog, cherish them, talk to them about life and listen to their dog talk, rub their bellies and always treat them for good behavior. We do offer vigorous exercise though if you prefer, we do allow them to search for p-mails or stop to sniff the roses wafting in the air. For challenging behaviors, we can provide certain tools upon re quest, such as Pet Corrector (a pressurized sound that wards off bad behavior especially around other dogs), leashing solutions (for example: gentle leader, front-pull harness), a plastic bottle filled with 10 pennies prevents barking, did you know that?!